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Pricing and Scheduling for My Resume Writing Services

Every client experiences unique challenges in this increasingly competitive employment environment. You can trust me to write a powerful resume that is sure to impress any potential employers. As a marketing tool, a well-written resume is used to sell you! Let me help you with the following:

Resume Development

When writing your resume, my strategy is creating a document that is tailored to the client, one that will catch the attention and interest of hiring managers through a strong call to action. The design is structured to articulate your key accomplishments and value. By doing so, you can be assured that your resume will give you a definite advantage in the marketplace.

Cost of Services: $325.00 - $800.00

Resume Enhancement

Provide your current resume and have a newly transformed career positioning document that will stand up to current industry standards. Additionally, I can present a variety of suggestions to consider for any future updates.

Cost of Services: $225.00 - $550.00

Letter of Introduction

The basic components of a letter of introduction is to address your objective, why you are currently searching for a new position, and subjectively provide additional characteristics you will bring to a company that is not in a resume. A well-written letter of introduction encourages the recipient to read everything that you have presented. A poorly written cover letter can knock you out of contention for many career opportunities.

Cost of Services: $80.00 - $175.00

Targeted Cover Letters

These types of letters are very effective in letting potential employers consider you for a position. Targeted cover letters are personalized and written for a specific company, executive recruiters, and employment agencies. Types of targeted cover letters include:

  • Response
  • Broadcast
  • Networking
  • Prospecting

Cost of Services: $80.00 - $175.00

Thank You Follow-Up Letters

By sending a well-written thank you letter, it can be a great tool to inspire action. It reinforces any good impression made from your resume and interview and in many cases is the difference between success and failure in a job search.

Cost of Services: $80.00 - $175.00

Acceptance Letters

Upon being offered a new employment opportunity, you may be asked to accept the job in writing. A job acceptance letter indicates that you are taking their offer and enthusiastically reconfirms the terms.

Cost of Services: $75.00 - $150.00


Resignation Letters

These types of letters should always be brief and show no animosity to your former employer whatsoever. I help you write a great letter that builds on your past successes and offers praise for specific individuals in your previous team.

 Cost of Services: $75.00 - $150.00

Recommendation Letters

This is a powerful sales tool that can make you more attractive to employers. An endorsement letter is a highly proactive way to promote a candidate to a prospective employer.

Cost of Services: $75.00 -$150.00

Reference Sheet

When you get an interview, a reference sheet should be either brought with you or mailed in as part of the process. The most effective reference sheet is one that identifies your relationship with the reference and what they will confirm if contacted.

Cost of Services: $35.00 - $75.00

Salary History

During the interview process, you may be asked about your previous compensation when negotiating your salary. I can help you write a clear and concise breakdown of all your previous employment.

Cost of Services: $50.00 - $75.00


You can schedule a consultation with me to discuss a variety of topics relating to your job search. These include job search strategies, interview skills, and salary negotiating techniques.

Modernize Your Resume and Make it Sizzle:

Get Noticed, Get Hired

Areas of Consideration

Contact Information: Clearly visible at top of resume

Headline and Summary: Instant positioning and branding for career objectives

Experience: Present essential information strategically

Job Descriptions: Succinctly define scope, challenges, and opportunities

Achievements: Showcase unique contributions, awards and notable information

Education: Position appropriately and rich with relevant detail

Keywords: Integrated throughout resume

Readability: Format design, easy to skim and easy to read

Visual Presentation: Sharp, clean, concise to distinguish key information

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